Vision & strategy: the 3 pillars.

Sustainability, Ethical principles and Responsibility are something we are passionate about. We call them our 3 pillars and by ensuring we continually strive to adjust and address challenges ahead, we can do our share to have a positive impact on the environment, communities and the people we interact with and ultimately do our bit for future generations.

We don’t have all the answers but, we do promise we will keep learning and improving as we grow.


Our products are built to last, using high quality, responsibly sourced fibers. This ultimately reduces the impact on the environment. Exploring new fabrics, fibers and materials is a priority for our business and we aim to significantly increase our sustainable range every season. Our current sustainable range features 73% recycled nylon and 27% Xtra life Lycra. Made from abandoned or spent fishing nets, pre-consumer plastic components and textile discard.

We are also in the process of reviewing all our packaging. It is our objective to ensure that all packaging materials are certified and responsibly sourced , this is a work in progress but will included e commerce packaging and product packaging and branding. Our mailing bags are 100% recyclable.


We only partner with the best and most ethical factories in India and the Far East. We audit our supplier base to reduce environmental impact and ensure that labour standards are consistently met. Our suppliers follow strict guidelines and processes and we will never use any harmful chemicals in our supply chain. All of our factories are regularly audited and all have up to date reports available. We firmly believe in the guiding principle through the application of ethical principles to the lives of human beings.


We place the highest priority on providing our staff with the best possible working conditions and encourage our partners and suppliers to do the same. We are committed to upholding human rights, supporting workers and eradicating forced labour. We are also committed to non-discrimination, supporting freedom of association and anti-corruption. We firmly believe in the guiding principle through the application of ethical principles to the lives of human beings.

Our suppliers truly are a part of our business. As a brand, we avoid fast fashion and switching suppliers. Our approach is to work together with our suppliers to avoid exploitation.